Change just this 1 thing in 2024

Get your Executive Team to work better together.

This 1 thing will have the biggest impact on your organisation’s performance this year.


The team at the top has a unique role to play.

It’s job is to set the pace, raise the standards and to narrow the focus. No one else can do this. It must also set the cultural tone and be a source of hope and inspiration.

If the team is not working well together it cannot perform these vital functions.

This has big implications. Dysfunction at the top magnifies across the entire organisation.

If …

  • the organisation has too many priorities,
  • behavioural standards are unclear
  • there’s confusion about major decisions

… everyone feels the pain.

So, how can you tell if your team is set to work well together this year?

Below are 10 questions to reflect on. Use them to pinpoint where change is required.

We’ve been lucky to work with many Executive Teams over the past two decades.

These traits come from direct observations of these teams in action.

The 10 questions

  • 1. Are all the seats on your team occupied by the right people?

  • 2. s your team focussed or do you suffer from too many goals and priorities?

  • 3. Do your team’s goals concentrate energy and inspire commitment?

  • 4. Does each executive feel personally committed to the team agenda? Does their individual agenda support that of the team?

  • 5. Do your team members have their ego in check?

  • 6. Does the team respect the leader and do members of the team trust one another?

  • 7. Is membership on your team defined by contribution, performance and adhering to high standards?

  • 8. Does your executive culture ensure that everyone speaks up? Do team members weigh in even when they disagree?

  • 9. Does everyone support a decision when it’s made … even if disagreement is still in the air?

  • 10. Are your team meetings impactful and interesting?

Download the 10 Questions poster here

Extra Resources: Watch The Teamwork Trifecta below- 3 things to get right when building a great team.

In conclusion …

Many organisations suffer because their top team is not working well together. This should not be the case.

Building a great team is not complicated. Nor does it need a new theory. It does however require willingness and commitment … and the desire to get to work and create change.

Changing this 1 thing will make a material impact on the performance of your organisation this year.

And you’ll be surprised at how many people will thank you for it!

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