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Organisational Health, Leadership Development and Teamwork.

Create a Healthy Organisation

We partner with Executives to build healthy organisations.

Create a Healthy Organisation

Build a Cohesive Executive Team

Our passion at LeadershipWorks is to build healthy Executive Teams.

Build a Cohesive Executive Team

Run Great Conferences and Team Builds

One-of-a-kind conferences and impactful team building programmes.

Run Great Conferences and Team Builds

Welcome to LeadershipWorks

“We believe that people want to belong to a winning organisation. Our mission is to work with you to get everyone in your company focused, fired-up and fully engaged.”

Grant Ashfield
Founder of LeadershipWorks

LeadershipWorks has helped us to strengthen our Executive Team, make tough decisions about team membership and size and to define our long term strategy clearly. They have also been invaluable in taking that strategy out in an impactful way to the wider organization globally.

Jemma Johns, Chief People Officer – Irdeto

After our work together the gains have been wonderful. We see much more trust and constructive conflict happening. Team commitment and buy-in has greatly increased and we are now really are able to push, support and hold one another accountable more than ever before.

John Hasse, National Director – World Vision Zambia

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Who are we?

LeadershipWorks is an international consulting organisation with special expertise and tools in the areas of Organisational Health, Leadership Development and Teamwork.

Our clients want solutions that are practical, proven and non-theoretical. They are looking for partners who have global and local experience and who provide support and guidance.

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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Resources, insights and tools for leaders, businesses and teams. Always simple to read and practical to apply.

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    Can you help us build a High-Performance Team? This is the question I am most often asked. To do so requires the willingness and courage to get a few basic things right and it starts with the leader of the team.

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