Create a Healthy Organisation

We partner with Executives to build healthy organisations.

Healthy organisations have mastered a distinct set of disciplines:

  • The team at the top is cohesive. People trust one another and work well together.
  • The team has clarity. Team members are intellectually aligned and emotionally committed.
  • The leaders over-communicate. People inside the business feel deeply connected to the organisation’s purpose and what they need to do to make a difference.
  • The human systems – how people are hired, developed and rewarded reinforce what the organisation values.

Our mission is to help you to master these disciplines.

Mastering these disciplines:

  • 1

    We start at the top. Our approach ensures the Executive Team is unified and clear on its direction and priorities.

  • 2

    The next layer of leaders. Our expertise helps close the gap between the Top Team and the next layer of leaders – to ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

  • 3

    Building internal capacity. Our philosophy is to transfer skills and know-how so the journey can be maintained from the inside.

Our consultants have spent thousands of hours working with leaders in the field.
This, and our partnership with Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group, has given us the know-how and experience to partner with you.

Most organisations have smart people. But that is not enough. The differentiator more and more is making the very best emerge out of the human dynamics of the talented human beings inside the organisation.

Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage

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