Meetings. What should be done about them?


They are the most common of all business activities, yet also one of the most troubling.

There’s hardly an organisation we know who does not wish to improve the quality of their meetings.

It’s a real source of pain.

Why are they so troubling and what should be done about it?

Our first post in early 2020 will tackle this question.

Also in the New Year…

  • 1. Launch of a new programme – Tracking Success.

    • We are excited to launch a new programme in 2020. It’s designed for your next team offsite or large company conference.
    • Tracking Success will inject energy and a fascinating new metaphor into your way of thinking.
    • Watch the short video to find out more.
  • 2. We’ll be traveling to Dallas in March to participate in Patrick Lencioni’s annual UNCONFERENCE.

    • It’s a unique event that celebrates the importance of Organisational Health.
    • Patrick Lencioni will talk on what motivates leaders to become CEOs. Are they leading with the right motive? For the reward? Or the responsibility it’s intended to be?
  • And then the piece I’m most excited about.

Southwest Airlines – one of the healthiest companies in America.

The Chief Learning Officer, Elizabeth Bryant and other SWA executives will talk about how they have sustained the culture and heart of Southwest Airlines, over so many years.

There will be much to learn and we will write about all of it. Please stay tuned.

Finally, in case you missed it, our most-read article in 2019 was The Power of Relationships.

It’s about an unusual friendship between two people, Alex and Renias. Their story is the inspiration behind our new programme, Tracking Success. Click here.

Thank you for your support this year.

It’s highly valued. We wish you a wonderful holiday and great blessings over the festive season.

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