Are you measuring what really matters?

We are past halfway in 2017. Are you on track?

Every organisation measures sales and cash flow and operating profit. What we call the smart stuff. You will have a very clear idea of these things I am sure. But is your organisation healthy?

Some say this can’t be measured.

That’s not true. It can, but you have to ask the right questions and then be willing to talk about what’s really going on – with an unusual level of honesty. The numbers are vital but they don’t tell the full story. They don’t give you the full picture about what’s going on or how well you are doing.

The other part of the story resides in people’s loyalty and commitment to the organisation. In their personal productivity and how much extra of themselves they are prepared to show and give. In how willing they are to work together, to grow and take risks and to get out of their silos and pull in the same direction.

This is where the real breakthroughs will occur.

What questions will you ask yourself for insight into this part of your business?

Let’s start with your Executive Team.

  • 1. Are the right people on board and is it small enough to be effective?

  • 2. Does everyone participate in constructive, unfiltered conflict and debate around important issues?

  • 3. Are members of your team focused on team number one? Do they put the collective needs and priorities of the larger organisation ahead of their own departments, technical areas and ego’s?

  • 4. Can members of the team be genuinely vulnerable with one another?

  • Then, have you created clarity?

    5. Is everyone on board around a clear vision and strategy that differentiates you from competitors?

  • 6. Does your leadership team have a clear, current goal around which they rally and which everyone feels ownership for?
  • 7. Do your leaders demonstrate through their actions what behaviours are valued and what will not be tolerated?
  • 8. Do all your employees, with their heads and their hearts, identify with your organisation’s reason for existence, strategy and goals?
  • Finally, do you passionately reinforce what’s most important?

    9. Do your managers have a simple, consistent and non-bureaucratic system for setting goals and reviewing progress with your employees?

  • 10. Is non-performance challenged and are individuals who don’t fit your values actively managed out of your business?

  • 11. Are your compensation and reward systems built around teamwork and the values and shared goals of your organisation?
  • 12. Are your meetings effective?

Twelve questions to think about as you go into the last five months of this year.

Make a start. Involve others.

Take some risk. Invite your team to come along with you. Truly listen.

Be resolved.

Most importantly, start the discussions that ultimately will make the biggest difference to the success of your organisation and business.

Please comment below. We really do love hearing from you. What are the most important questions that leaders should be asking in your organisation?

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  1. Dale Hillary 25 July 2017 at 5:51 pm - Reply

    Another pertinent and interesting article Grant!
    The points you make are so relevant in any well led and run business entity.
    I will certainly share this article with my client base.
    Best regards,

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