The 5 Chronic Business Dilemmas

There are 5 chronic dilemmas that persistently plague organisations.

The leaders of healthy organisations obsess about confronting them. They do so because they know their job (first and foremost) is to create an environment of success.

The 5 dilemmas described below get in the way of doing so.

So, what are these business dilemmas?

  1. Confusion about the ‘vital few’, those things that must be achieved with excellence or nothing else will matter.
  2. Dysfunction in the top team, resulting in silos, politics and turf wars.
  3. The wrong people in the key seats.
  4. The unequal distribution of work, leading to burnout, resentment and the loss of key people.
  5. Misaligned reward and recognition systems, causing ‘short termism’, negative internal competition and employee demotivation.

The hard work of leadership is to confront these dilemmas head on and to use your position and authority to dismantle them.

Do you see any of the 5 in your business? What are you doing about them?

5 Chronic Business Dilemmas

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